Map of Sonagachi

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20 thoughts on “Map of Sonagachi

    • Just ask the taxi driver to go to central avenue. You are reached adjusant to sonagachi.
      You can see many girls (some are very beautiful) standing on footpath. Wish you a happy time

    • provide me the particulars ….like from where in kolkata you want to go…. Then I can provide you exact details on the map and transport as well

      • wht is the safe way to go sonagachi, i dont want any trouble, i’m from esplanade kolkotta
        if is there any hotel providing such facility in chep price also mention

  1. Bro, I will be staying in a hotel in VIP road. Can you please guide me how to reach there? Also, this will be my first visit. Can you please guide me how to get a decent pimp?

  2. I need 1 nepali girl for 1 night contact me 7679070684 I stay at airport im so busy I cannot come thats y okay she has to be between 18 to 21 years old okay thnk you .

  3. from howrah station how i reach sonagachi… pls tell the safe way….

    is any hotel avialable near sonagachi for fucking…… and is it safe?

    • take a bus to ultodanga/bidhan nagar station. then take auto from there to ahiritola more….
      then you reached… go inside the left lane from that ahiritola more..

  4. I want to go to sonagachi.can u let me know how can i go there what is the minimum rate of girls thre now.i want to know.

  5. From Girish Park Metro Station walk Straight to your left will be a Petrol Pump, beside that the road begins for Sonagachi.. One can walk inside the lanem many girls standing beside. Walk straight and there is a small Tea Stall on right hand side very famous. Stop over there and ask for NeelKamal Flat. You will get very decent and beautiful Ladies at your Budget from 500 to 15000. Enjoy friends..

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